You’ve Been Rejected From a Job, Now What?

You’ve Been Rejected From a Job, Now What?

Being rejected is a part of our lives, and a part of the job search. What steps should you take when you find out you did not get the job?

Before we get into that, we feel it best to state that rejection is not the end. Your attitude to rejection and failure carries great weight in your life.

  1. Be gracious

We understand the disappointment in rejection. Your reaction here can still help you get a job elsewhere by referral. There have been instances where companies have asked to see rejected candidates for a different role. Recruitment consultants will remember you for a gracious response. They will likely put you forward for more roles in the future because of this.

  1. Ask for feedback

This is your opportunity to learn where you went wrong. Sometimes the feedback is usable and other times it’s not. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Don’t begrudge someone for not giving you feedback either.

  1. Revisit for yourself

Analyse your performance in the interview for yourself. Was there anything you did that you felt could have cost you the job? Did you answer the questions confidently and convincingly? Did you arrive on time and suitably presented?

  1. Take the good

You were good enough to be called for an interview. You may have nailed some questions in the interview that you hadn’t before. Look for the positives and be proud of them.

A great salesperson will tell you that “every no is closer to a yes.” Take this rejection as a step in your journey. Use it to grow and improve, your next interview could be the one.

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  1. Get back to it

Start working on making yourself marketable and employable. Use the feedback and learning to fix what you need to. Practice your storytelling with friends or family. Keep the momentum that got you the interview in the first place.

Every time you improve your response to rejection or failure you take a step closer to greatness. Being rejected from a job is tough, especially if it was one you really wanted. Keep your head up and move forward.

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