Top 3 careers that are in demand in South Africa

Top 3 careers that are in demand in South Africa

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The number one career that is in demand in South Africa is Information Technology. The I.T. sector in South Africa is rapidly expanding and changing.  Technology is streamlining and automating our work and personal lives.  I.T. skills are in high-demand and the acquisition of these skills is surpassing the supply.  Highly skilled Developers and specialist Engineers are demanding extremely high salaries.

Accountants, especially those that are specialised or CA’s, come in at being second in demand.  According to SAICA, South Africa requires another 22000 qualified Accountants to fill the demand gap.  The barrier to entry in Accounting is high as the exams are extremely difficult, often with a poor pass rate.

Finally, Engineers are third on the list for highly demand careers in SA. South Africa is producing too few Engineers, as only half the Engineering graduates go on to work in this sector.  There is still a high rate of Engineers who choose to work overseas or in Africa.

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