Time to Spring Clean Your Online Presence

Time to Spring Clean Your Online Presence

There are many mistakes one can make with their online presence, and if you are looking for a job, perhaps its time you take stock of your online profiles and make sure that people are seeing what you want them to see.

While in the early stages of a new career I was at a function where I was being introduced to the new CEO of a large company (and prospective client). As we were introduced he said something that left me cold, “I looked you up on Twitter and I see you are a musician.”

On the surface this doesn’t seem as bad as it could; however I had not updated my Twitter account in years, nor had I played music in years. He had looked up an old version of me. I believed I had more to offer than 4 year old ramblings on an abandoned Twitter account.
Below are some of the things you need to consider;

When was the Last activity?

If you have abandoned a Social media platform it is a better idea to remove it altogether. Keeping a dead profile is not the worst thing you can do, but it certainly shows that you are capable of leaving dead ends and ghosting people.

Stop Complaining incessantly

Did you have a go at your local supermarket for not stocking berries imported from Yugoslavia? Or were you ranting about government, or poor service from a library, or “Why did I have to be stopped in a roadblock?”

The messages you put out there form part of your brand identity. While it is OK for your brand identity to stand up for causes, and even complain if needed (once in a while), if a lot of your brand identity appears whiny it makes you look unappealing to work with.

Don’t be Drunk and disorderly

What you do in your free time is your choice, but it should not impact or reflect negatively on your employer or your ability to do your job. It’s unlikely that you will be overlooked for posting photos of you having a good time, but photos of you in compromising or embarrassing situations may have a negative impact.

Keep it together; show you can have fun without losing control.

Don’t Share sensitive information

Usually we are tasked with keeping information private, especially if it relates to the business of another person or company, and sharing such information is, in most cases, a dismissible offence if caught. If your social profiles are checked and it is seen that you have shared something sensitive in the past, even a snap of a fun receipt at work that contains customer information (and that information is not even relevant to what you find funny) it shows that you lack the capacity to keep your work details private, and likely won’t get you hired.

No Racist / sexist remarks

This is the most damaging of them all, and is still surprisingly commonplace. Remember that every comment you make on all social media platform are shown next to your name and can be found online. A racist or sexist remark can land you in hot water at your current employer and with the law. People and businesses will very quickly disassociate themselves with you if it does blow up in the media space.


Take stock of your social media accounts, delete those which you no longer access and check your privacy setting on those that you do. If you keep it clean it will have a positive effect on your job search.

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