The Shortage of Skilled Workers in South Africa

The Shortage of Skilled Workers in South Africa

It is no secret that South Africa is currently suffering a shortage of highly skilled workers. Immigration legislation restrictions into South Africa and emigration of highly skilled workers from South Africa is a direct cause of this shortage.


Skilled trade positions remain the most difficult positions to fill in South Africa. The high skills deficit is having an extremely negative effect within the employment sector. According to a survey conducted by the Manpower Group which investigated the difficulty of employers filling highly skilled positions, South Africa ranked 4th from the bottom in 2014 reporting an 8% difficulty. Contrasted to that, in 2015 the difficulty rose to 31%. Lack of employees with industry-specific skills, qualifications, economic and market factors remain the driving forceof employers struggling to fill positions for highly skilled workers.


In order to remain a player in the market, organizations now need to adopt new and innovative approaches to upskill employees and fill the gap where pertinent skills are required within a business. multiSEARCH Recruitment and Consulting is assisting organisations by identifying scarce skills in South Africa and talent pipelining individuals such as Developers and Engineers.  Our Specialist Recruiters are focussed daily on identifying individuals in the market place whom we can market to companies who are always open to hearing about talent, especially those with specialist skills.


If you have any positions that your organisation has battled filling due to there being a shortage of suitably qualified individuals, please contact us for guidance and assistance

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