The Economic Importance of Retaining your Flexibility

The Economic Importance of Retaining your Flexibility

South Africa has been grappling with the concept of flexibility for several years with extreme opposite positions on the issue of labour brokers being held by trade unions such as COSATU, and the business community. In reality, there is no longer a “job for life” and companies and individuals are seeking to explore more flexible working relationships.

Although a ban on labour brokers, originally touted ahead of the 2009 general election, was overturned by the ruling party in favour of regulation, the issue has been vigorously debated over the past four years. Throughout these negotiations, handled at NEDLAC, labour, government and business has bumped heads on how to effectively regulate the sector.

In its own Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) report, the Government acknowledges that a ban or serious curtailment of the temporary employment services (TES) sector would have disastrous consequences on jobs. Sadly, this – and other research on the subject – seems to have fallen on deaf ears and we once again find ourselves at the mercy of a few calling for “regulation” that would be tantamount to a ban.

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The economic importance of retaining your flexibility

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