Take Advantage of the Industrial Revolution

Take Advantage of the Industrial Revolution

Being proactive can help us take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is currently underway. Each industrial change has largely benefited the world by increased production and quality. The working world has improved at each turn, although there is always a slow period in which the system realigns itself.

For example, the use of computers in the digital age has had a huge impact on the job market. In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s we would see people being hired for their basic computer skills. This forced the education system to make the change and start teaching computer skills to children from grade 1.

Recently, employers expect your computer skills to be as natural as your ability to read or write. This is the nature of the change in the way we think following a major shift in the way we do things.

So what can we do to take advantage of the change?

1. Assess where you are

Is your job at risk? Read our report, ‘The Future of Jobs In 2018: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly’ and understand your current position. Knowing where you fit in will give you a good foundation for your decision making.
A fact-based analysis is the first step in taking advantage of the fourth Industrial revolution

2. Where do you want to fit in?

Investigate the potential future roles for your industry or skill set. Ask your company leaders how they see the future operations. Read or watch content that is relevant to your industry. Read our list of Jobs in Demand In The Future and work out which role you see yourself in.

3. What skills gaps do you need to close to get there?

List what skills you currently have and list the skills you will need to perform your desired, future role. Analyse the gaps, and weak areas, and look for ways to close them. There are many resources that can help educate you, ranging from soft skills to technical skills.  You may find that local education institutions don’t have the courses to close the gaps. In this case, look for Online sources such as edX.org that have courses you can study remotely.


4. Take action

Most importantly, take action. Action has always been the great differentiator between those who achieve and those who just dream of it. If you have followed the above 3 steps you will know exactly what you need to do. It is now up to you.

We have all heard stories people tell of how they wish that had bought shares in Apple or Google. Now is your moment where you can make the most valuable investment ever, in yourself.

What waits if you don’t, is a potential period of unemployment and stress. The flip side is that you could be well poised to have valuable skills that could put you ahead of the pack.

There is a world of success that is waiting for you, but you have to go and get it.

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