Surviving your first week at your new job

Surviving your first week at your new job

Take initiative, be focussed and learn

Everybody loves people who use their initiative! In most cases, you will be given small doses of work at the start of a new job as part of one’s learning. Stay focussed, write everything down, research your field, take on more work and learn, learn, learn. Your boss and your peers will appreciate your efforts to start making an immediate impact.

Get to know your team

“There is no “I” in TEAM”! Make an effort to integrate with your new peers when starting a new job. Not only will you have more support during your induction phase, but you will learn more, gain an understanding of the culture and values of the business and ultimately have a more enjoyable settling-in period.

Arrive Early, Leave Late

Be on time; come in early, stay a little later! You will really show commitment by putting in some extra hours when you first start a new job. Offering to help colleagues who have a larger workload than yours also goes a long way.

Find a Mentor

As you get to know the senior, long-standing staff in the organisation; start developing a mentoring relationship with one who inspires you and is open to coaching. Mentoring has numerous benefits, from being a sounding board and guiding you in your personal self-development, to someone who helps direct and advance your career within the organization.



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