Reference Checking 101

Reference Checking 101

Reference checks can help to tell fact from fiction. By speaking to former coworkers and managers, who have first-hand knowledge of what candidates are like to work with, what they’ve achieved, and what they’re capable of, you will gain a better understanding of the candidates and whether or not they will fit into your organisation.

Here are a few tips on how to check a candidate’s references that will help you with this important process:

  • Get consent from candidates before you start checking their references.
  • Email the referee to ask when it would be best to speak to them before you call in order to ensure that they have enough time to answer all your questions.
  • Ask open questions in order to get as much information as possible about the candidates from referees.
  • Ask questions that directly relate to the candidate’s ability to do the job.
  • Use your own judgement and don’t take everything you’re told as an absolute fact.
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