Public holidays in 2019: Plan your year ahead

Public holidays in 2019: Plan your year ahead

Part of your plan for next year should not only be around your time at work, but your time away from the office.  South Africa “celebrates” the most public holidays annually in the world, 13 to be exact.  This means that you get 13 days on top of the leave days granted to you by your company. Planning ahead allows you to balance your productivity and your rest time.

In 2019 we are also due for a national election. However the date for the election is not set and is likely to be between May and August.Looking ahead, one public holiday falls on a Saturday, Freedom Day on April 27th.  Aside from the Easter weekend, there will be 3 long weekends in 2019 you can plan for.  There are also 2 public holidays on a Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Taking a strategic leave day can give you a 4 day weekend.

3 short weeks in a row

Good Friday is on the 19th of April 2019 and Easter Sunday on the 21st April, making Monday the 22nd April a public holiday (Family Day).Workers Day falls on the 1st May (Wednesday) meaning there are 3 four day weeks in a row.

3 Long weekends

Aside from the Easter weekend there are 3 long weekends of 3 days thanks to the holiday falling on a Friday or Monday;

  • 16th June (Youth Day) falls on a Sunday making Monday the 17th June a holiday
  • 9th August (National Women’s day) falls on a Friday in 2019
  • 16th December (Day of Reconciliation) falls on a Monday in 2019
Making a 4 day weekend

Where a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday you have an opportunity to take one day of leave and have a 4 day weekend. Human Rights day(21st March) falls on a Thursday and Heritage day (24th September) falls on a Tuesday. Don’t be greedy and take both days. Especially if you have a colleague who will need to work to cover your work load. (That is a quick way to get a lump of coal from your Secret Santa)

For those of you who work through at the end of the year, Christmas and Boxing Day fall on a Wednesday and Thursday in 2019.

The moral of this story? Whether you are planning down time,or marketing events around these dates, don’t leave it until the last minute. Plan your year productively so that you can have fun and achieve what you set out to do.  

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