Do These Things On Friday To Make Monday Better

Do These Things On Friday To Make Monday Better

Fridays tend to bring with it a slowdown in productivity as we look forward to the weekend. Somehow Mondays bring a tension that many of us can’t bear. Below are some actions you can take on a Friday to make your Monday less, well, Monday.

Schedule an exciting activity for Monday.

Set yourself up a fun appointment or a sure-fire sale that you can look forward to on Monday morning. Who wouldn’t want to start the week off with a bang?

Eat the Frog

Is there a task that is unpleasant and you think to yourself, “I’ll do it Monday?” Grabbing the bull by the horns and completing that task on Friday, means you can go into work on Monday without the dread of having an unpleasant activity waiting for you.

List your wins for the week

Make a list of everything you completed in the past week. Celebrate your successes and feel good about all you’ve managed to get done. You can go into the weekend with your head held high knowing that you’re a winner, and come Monday, you’ll carry on winning.

Plan your next week

While you’re in the winning zone, draw up a plan for your next week. Part of the dread of Monday is the unknown amount of work that awaits you. Knowing what to expect can help you have a peaceful weekend and will make waking up Monday less stressful.

Get plenty of rest

Use the weekend to rest not only your body, but your mind as well. Take part in activities that revitalise you and energise you. Make memories and stories that you can tell during the week. Especially if your job is tough, make your weekend time worthwhile, so that when the grind is on you have a reason to keep pushing through and succeed.

Author Les Brown said, “To be successful, you must be willing to do the things today others won’t do.” Take action on Friday, and make Monday amazing.

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