Data Developer/Data Scientist

  • Location:Gauteng

Data Developer/Data Scientist
Join this team and add your superior skills within this cutting edge technology environment, specialising in a cutting edge internally developed software stack based on technologies such as Redis, NGINX, Golan to name just a few.  All solutions are Linux based.  Take up this vital responsibility within Data operations management.  This entails the development, maintenance and support of ingesting, warehousing and visualizing data to maximize the value of the data resources to the enterprise.
Duties include:
  • Research and recommend innovative approaches to improving efficiency
  • Project planning, including scope definition and business case
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Component building
  • Testing, including unit, integration, system, performance and acceptance
  • Deployment preparation, including documentation development and
  • Installation and deployment, including piloting and rollout
  • Protect and ensure the integrity of structured data assets
  • Manage the availability of data throughout its lifecycle
  • Optimize performance transactions
Minimum Requirements:
  • Experience in building ETL pipelines
  • Experience and skills to visualize data in an informative way
  • Analyse data to provide valuable insight customers
  • Writing documentation and the ability to interact with customers and
   understand their requirements
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Experience in using Elastic Search Stack
  • Knowledge of networking protocols and technologies (TCP/IP, SOAP, HTTP,
   XML, Radius, Diameter, SCTP)
  • Ability to learn quickly
Additional preferences:
Tertiary BIS, Engineering or Computer Science degree
Telecommunications technologies and systems ( OCS, SS7, SIGTRAN, MTP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, CAP etc)
Big Data/analytics/Monitoring experience using Elastic, Dremio, Ryft, Tableau, Qlickview
Experience in developing Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithms using Tensorflow, R, Python
Experience in developing solutions using GPU and FPGA technologies
Spark, Hadoop, Go Lang, Type Script
Enterprise Data Warehouse applications
Revenue Assurance and /or Fraud Detection & Management
Please note : Elastic Search stack knowledge and experience is non negotiable for this role
If your skills and experience and in line with, or exceed the above requirements, please click on the apply button.
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