Electronic Design Technician

Our client based in Durban requires the expertise of an Electronic Design Technician who will be required to design, build, configure, install and support IoT solutions.  
These mostly comprise of:
  • Sensor
  • PLC or Edge device to receive the data and perform tasks
  • LoRa, Sigfox, 3G, Thingstream networks
  • A web portal to display the data
Skills required:
  • Investigate and source relevant sensors
  • Configure the microcontroller (or PLC) for the right I/Os and
   what to send via the RF networks. Usually done via a GUI but    
   can require Javascript and sometimes in a C environment
  (PLC's are programmed in the PLC proprietary system)
  • Configure the devices on the relevant network and cloud
   connector/capture server
  • Build demo devices and solutions, sometimes on Arduino
Minimum Requirements:
  • B.Tech Electronics/Light Current
  • Experience in programming e.g. javascript, C, Python
  • Experience in PLC Programming
  • Understanding of web communication platform, e.g RESTful,
   API, web services
  • Experience in building test devices
If your skills and experience are in line with the requirements above, please click on the apply button.
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