How to Bounce Back from being FIRED

How to Bounce Back from being FIRED

If you have ever been fired you may have hoped to sweep it under the carpet. Unfortunately if you try and hide it, it is more likely to come back and “bite” you later. Being dismissed is not the end of the road for your career. Here are some ways you can bounce back from being dismissed;

Take ownership

Your life, and your career, is in your hands. Take ownership of the situation and what caused it. Try and understand what lead to that situation. Then learn the lessons you need in order to prevent it reoccurring. This is not easy to do and takes being tough on yourself and your intentions for the future.

Ask yourself;

  1. What did I do (or not do) that I should do differently?
  2. Were there signs that I should have been more aware of?
  3. What can I do to prevent it from happening again?

Be honest about it

Be honest and up front if you are asked for your reason for leaving. Your integrity and willingness to improve will be more attractive than if your dismissal is uncovered later on.  Remember that your past can be uncovered, so don’t hide it. Dishonesty is the first trait that stops you from getting hired. Owning up to your mistakes is a trait that many people are drawn to. Which will you choose?

Not everyone will accept it

Some people may not be able to accept the fact that you have been dismissed. You need to come to terms with this. Ask yourself if you really want to work with people who don’t believe you can change. You surely want to work with people who trust you? Sometimes the organisation is not the right fit for you and your experiences.

Roll with the punches

There are some industries that will not allow you back in depending on your transgression. Banking, for instance, have very strict rules because of the nature of the service. You may need to find another industry, or role, to apply your skills.

You might even need to start at the bottom again. Trust in your skills and your experience to get you back to where you need to be.

In the end, the best person to help you get back up again is you. You can bounce back from being dismissed if you take ownership and are honest with yourself. Life is full of setbacks, for some they are greater than others.

It is all part of your journey.

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