How a Hobby Can Help Your Career

How a Hobby Can Help Your Career

A hobby is an activity that you do in your own time for leisure. While this doesn’t sound like something that can help you grow your career, taking up a hobby has unexpected benefits.

Is it worth taking up a hobby if I want to focus on growing my career? What if my hobby is completely unrelated to my job?

Here are some ways a hobby can help your career;

You Learn Technical Skills

Any hobby relies on you learning a skill in order to take part. Depending on the hobby, that skill may be more or less complicated than others. If your hobby is related to your job the skills could assist you in doing your job.

Where your hobby and job differ, you gain a different skill set that you can apply everywhere you go.


You Develop Soft skills

Soft Skills are defined as “personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.”

In 2008 Google conducted a study to determine what makes a great manager. Of the top 10 skills listed, 9 of them were soft skills. The only hard skill was listed as the 8th most important skill for a great manager. (That’s not to say it is NOT important. Without technical knowledge you’re just a nice person in the office)

In most hobbies, the activities will help you develop soft skills such as;

  • Problem solving
  • Ability to learn
  • Emotional control
  • Purpose
  • Resilience

Every hobby will also improve your emotional, mental or physical fitness. Much like exercise, your mind will benefit from the mental exercises a hobby can provide.

It’s a Confidence Booster

No matter your hobby, every win adds to your confidence. Winning becomes a habit and every time your hobby provides you with a win, your confidence in your ability to do anything grows. Nobody can take away the fact that you completed the triathlon, or learned a song on the piano.

“You are the winningest winner of all” – Dr Seuss in ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’

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Increase Your Network

Hobbies give you an opportunity to interact with other people who share an interest.  When you meet people in a hobbyist environment you automatically have an ice-breaker. Your social currency increases as you learn from, and help other people with, the hobby. This cycle of growth continues to improve your soft skills, your confidence, and your network.

Your hobby might not be interesting to everyone, but if it is to you, that’s all that matters. If it inspires you and you get enjoyment out of it, then keep going. The side effects are always positive.

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