Don’t List These 4 People as References

Don’t List These 4 People as References

If you are applying for a job you really want, a great reference can help you. However, it may be tempting to tweak the references to be heavily weighted in your favour. Here are 4 people you should NOT list as a reference on your CV

Your Mom

Yes, some people do. While this is going to usually guarantee you a stellar review and she will always say you are pretty or handsome. We can safely say that your own parent will say glowing things about you. We usually disregard these purely because they are guaranteed to be one sided.

This includes uncles and aunts and any family member. The exception is in the case of if you have actually worked for them. If you have, make it clear on your CV.

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A Work Peer

It’s great that you get along with your colleagues. However they are not in a position of authority to give an accurate reference of your skills and achievements. It’s not to say that we won’t end up talking to them if needed, but they are usually not considered because of their lack of background involvement.

Your Pastor or Religious Leader

Sure, you are involved in community activities and we applaud that. However the level of responsibility involved in running a church fete is different to leading a team of people to meet a business goal. The consequences of failure and the pressures are very different in community involvement vs business.

Unless you were an employee on the books, don’t list them.

Your Friend Posing as Someone Else

Having your friend pose as a previous manager will quickly be uncovered by a savvy consultant. This is gross dishonesty and, as stated previously, dishonesty is the quickest way to not be considered for a job post. Don’t do it. Ever.

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Don’t let your quest for the perfect reference lead you into a place of dishonesty or bias. It is better to ensure that your offering is corroborated honestly and fairly. After all, if you are a great prospect, your past can either show you learn from your mistakes; or you are trying to hide them. Remember that the aim of a reference is to confirm that you can do the job you are applying for. Bear that in mind when you consider who you list as a reference.


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