“Cracking the whip” on fraudulent qualifications in South Africa

“Cracking the whip” on fraudulent qualifications in South Africa

Fraudulent qualifications have become a paramount issue in South Africa. Some candidates are now going to the extreme of presenting fraudulent qualifications in order to secure jobs.

EMPS (Employment Mutual Protection Service), one of South Africa’s long-standing background screening services has reported that of all the qualifications screened in 2015 thus far, 7.62% were red flagged or considered “problematic” (Source: EMPS, 2015). Candidates who misrepresent themselves aren’t only damaging their credibility but also the institutions that they claim to be a part of. The South African Government has taken notice of this issue and is currently working on legislation to be put in place to safeguard employers.

Employers need to check the credibility of their employees’ qualifications to avoid on-boarding individuals without noted credentials. Also, candidates often state their qualification completion date, but on closer inspection, they have not actually completed their qualification but noted the date of their last year of study.

At multiSEARCH, we understand the importance of minimising the hiring risk and have the facilities to conduct and facilitate in-depth background screening methods. We also have networking partners throughout SA who can assist with fingerprint scanning and a full range of verification checks at a reasonable cost.

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