7 Tips for Outstanding Customer Service

7 Tips for Outstanding Customer Service

In the world of social media it is so important now to get your customer service skills to a higher level if you want to continue to succeed in business. People have access to so many platforms online where they can leave a terrible review of your company if they were unhappy with your customer service. This can have a ripple effect that can kill many small businesses. On the flip side however, when your customer service is stellar, your reviews will help to drive unlimited new customers to your website where they in turn can become customers. Here are the top seven tips for giving outstanding customer service to your clients:

1. To provide better customer service you have to give them the three things they desire. When they have a problem with your company they want to make certain that their issue is heard. Then they want to be sure you understand why they had an issue in the first place, and finally they want to be cared for. Simply agreeing there was an issue is not enough. Make sure you provide the customer with the assurance it will not happen again and provide them with something to help ease their concerns.

2. One of the reasons many people have upset customers with their service is they didn’t take the time after the problem to directly interact with that person. When you smile and comment to the person, you connect with them on a completely different level than had you argued with them or told them they were wrong. If they have an issue, make it a point to look them in the eye, smile, and address the concern immediately.

3. The easiest way to improve your customer service is to simply listen to the customer. They really only want to be heard, and many times if they get to voice their concerns they feel much better. Let the customer tell you what the problem is and rather than make excuses or interrupt them. Allow them to tell you how they feel and why they have a problem.

4. Empathize with the customer rather than try and pass the blame on to someone else or even shift it partially to them. Once you hear what their concern is, say it back to them so they understand that you actually listened. By communicating the problem back to them, it shows you are paying attention and that you accept there is a problem.

5. Once you understand what the problem is and where things went wrong, begin to look for solutions to the problem. See if the customer is willing to accept something in return or if they simply wanted to voice a concern. Assure them you want to help them to eliminate this problem in the future.

6. Once the issue is resolved you have to make certain that they are completely satisfied with the outcome. Take the time to let them know you are still working to ensure this never happens again in the future.

7. Once you have done all these steps to improve your customer service, follow up with the client to make sure they were satisfied with the solution. See if there is anything else you can do to get them to return and continue to be a loyal customer of your business.

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