5 Signs That Recruitment Consultancy You’re Talking to Is No Good

5 Signs That Recruitment Consultancy You’re Talking to Is No Good

On the job hunt you are going to deal with a Recruitment Consultancy, which come in all shapes and forms of good or bad service. As a member of The Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO), multiSEARCH promises to uphold ethical standards and practices to ensure we are operating as fairly as possible.

Here are 5 warning signs to immediately identify a bad Recruitment consultant;

  1. They Guarantee You A Job

As much as we’d love to, we cannot guarantee anyone a job. The final decision to hire is always the employers and although we can present a candidate we believe can do the job, the person who would pay your salary and see you every day is the one who will make the decision.

We also cannot create a demand for your speciality and sending your CV to us, does not mean a role will open up immediately for you.

What we CAN do, is keep your details on record and if a suitable position comes up, before we even advertise it we conduct an internal search of CV’s on our database and contact candidates internally first. This also means we may call or mail you from time to time to make sure it’s up to date.

  1. They Prevent You From Finding A Job Through Other Sources

In the APSO codes of professional practice, which multiSEARCH agreed to, is that a recruitment consultant should not prevent you from finding a job through other sources.

In your discussion it might come to light that another agency is working the same position and you as a candidate can then choose to be represented by one consultant, but it will be your choice and not forced upon you.

Any recruitment consultancy who wants you to NOT find a job is not one you should be dealing with.

  1. Send Your CV To Anyone Without Letting You Know

Looking for a job is an activity that puts you in a vulnerable situation. You send your information to strangers in trust that what they will do with it is to benefit you and your career.

The APSO code of good practices states that a recruitment consultant should not send your CV to any potential employer without letting you know the full details thereof including the name of the company, position, key performance areas, and all other relevant information.

This is to prevent uncomfortable situations like your employer getting your CV from a recruiter who is marketing you for a position.

  1. Sell or Give Your Info To Anyone Else

The act of collecting your contact information and selling it on to marketers is not only annoying; it is specifically illegal according to the POPI act of South Africa. Nothing will break your trust more than giving out your details in good faith only to be sold to someone else.

  1. Charge Candidates A Fee

All APSO member recruitment consultants are to follow this code. As a candidate if you ever get asked for money in order to get a job it should be a major red flag for you and you should walk away from that situation.

Recruitment consultants are paid by the employer for the services of sourcing, screening and presenting quality candidates for a role. The whole process hinges on fair assessments of candidates and an agency that presents poor quality candidates regularly will soon find themselves out of business.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, walk away from that job immediately. You can read more of the APSO job Seekers rights here.


multiSEARCH endeavours to uphold ethical practices in the industry and our managing team have been part of APSO for many years, sitting on the board at times. All of our consultants have to pass an APSO accreditation and we hold ourselves to high standards that benefit both our clients and the candidates.

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