28 Years in Business, and It Starts With This One Thing

28 Years in Business, and It Starts With This One Thing

As the Chinese proverb states, “A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step,” likewise every job, career, and business starts with a first day on the job.

This April, multiSEARCH celebrates their 28th birthday. Starting from Pinetown in April 1990, founder, Blanche Pinto Coelho reminds us of the vision from day one; “We wanted to be the best, give the best service and personalise the service.”

The first day of multiSEARCH was a humble one, “8am we opened the doors. The walls were grey, the carpets were grey and we had no furniture. I had a telephone, a folding chair and a list of my client’s telephone numbers.” The first day was spent cold calling for clients and building partnerships with companies. The office on the Umhlanga Ridge has since grown to a team of 17 with different specialists focusing on financial, retail, sales and marketing, IT, engineering, office support, executive management and specialised portfolios.

multiSEARCH 28th Birthday, 28 years

Blanche Pinto Coelho (left) and Michelle Munn (right) cut the cake

Over the years multiSEARCH has placed many candidates into new jobs making new first days along the way. In 2017 alone multiSEARCH created 321 first days and in 2018 aims to create even more with the #changinglives campaign.

Michelle Munn, a managing partner, who has been at multiSEARCH for 26 years explains, “Our purpose is crafting jobs for people and, people for companies. Through this we realise that we can substantially and positively alter their life circumstances. At multiSEARCH, we remind ourselves of this purpose on a weekly basis. Our goal and mantra this year is “Let’s change the lives of 500 people in 2018!”

The aim of creating first days has further benefits than merely placing people in jobs as each and every placement lets both the employer and employee grow by matching the right talent with the right business.

When asked why every placement matters, Blanche’s face lights up; “Every person has an opportunity to change their life. When you place somebody it has a ripple effect on an entire family.” Blanche admits to getting emotional when she thinks back on the difference she has made in this regard and is still contacted today by people she placed years ago for career advice or are ready to change jobs.

Every day at multiSEARCH holds an opportunity to make a first day that improves a life, may there be many more to come.

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