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    Whether your organization has low voluntary turnover, high voluntary turnover, low involuntary turnover, high involuntary turnover, or some combination of the above that varies by department and according to the time of the year, turnover statistics tell a story about your company processes, procedures, leadership, and culture.
    The purpose of this paper is to explore why turnover matters and what it really means to manage turnover.
    Hint: It’s way more than a numbers game.
    This paper will also present tips and solutions to maintaining or creating the happy ending to your “turnover story.”

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    "I have been working with the multiSEARCH team for the last 8 months on various temping assignments and then being offered a position through the agency. Through this time, I found everyone to be professional, friendly and offering a good service. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing everyone at the company and I will not forget all the wonderful staff. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!"

    - Jenine Van As -